The Financial and emotional gang rape of Clara G. Fernandez



Clara revoked Raul, her youngest son's Power of Attorney on October 29th of 2004, after him financially destroying her husband, a once wealthy retired doctor, and well on the way of destroying her, committing forgeries against her trust and sending her hate letters after she told him that she did not wish for him to inherit everything. The revocation was a scream of “STOP, I don’t want you to do this to me any more” yet with an army of attorneys, paid for, with my understanding,  half the proceeds from the sale of Clara’s homestead,  the gang rape continued until Clara was financially destroyed, impoverished and left emotionally nothing more than an empty shell.


Is this what our legal system of come to in this country?


I strongly feel that if Attorneys and Judges were held responsible
for their actions, there would be far less elder abuse in this county.


Is that not a form of rape?




The Rape of Clara


The factual story of the abuse of Clara G Fernandez based on the same solid evidence used in determining the real truth by the authorities.

February 2009

The photos below
 were taken in Winter Haven in late 2004

     Clara's thoughts and activities revolved around simple daily living, weekend outings, evening trips to the mall, getting her nails done and most of all, peace of mind.  Clara chose to live with Al, the son that offered love, sanity and stability, unlike the bizarre psychotic world of Raul's that was forced on her by her nephew, Dr. Manuel Pena.  Acting Temp. Guardian.

     Clara's life did not revolve around filing false police reports, DCF investigations,  court hearings and psychological warfare being waged against her by her son Raul as a personal vandana.

    Then having a Guardianship forced on her by Dr. Manuel Pena and Raul and forced to support the Key West house that she and Raul knew that was not sustainable because Raul lost most of his parents savings by risky investments and racking up the line-of Credit on his parents homestead.  This according to court filings, left his father pretty much destitute and his mother pretty much close behind.

For more photos, click on: The Photos









Raul, with the help of his cousin Dr. Manuel Pena of Naples Florida forced Clara back to Key West by way of deceiving the courts who ruled ex parte without the courts ever determining the validity of the sworn statements they presented to the courts using Dr. Pena's credentials as a medical doctor that ended up not
being creditable at all.  

According to DCF investigations, Police reports and many other forms of evidence, all their claims were found to be baseless.


 Clara was traumatized when forced out of her home in Royal Palm Beach and back in the hands of Raul.  Clara later suffered a broken hip and severe head injuries while in the care of Raul Fernandez after being forced back to Key West by Dr. Manuel Pena.


Raul has made numerous statements as to the cause of these injuries, so to this date, we do not know what really happened and may never know.  That seems to be Raul's little secret.

Injuries sustained on or around December 1st of 2006 while in the care of Raul Fernandez.

Look closely at the photos below.  This is what can happen when people though to be truthful and respectable are actually deceitful within the court system.  Only bad things can happen, and it happened to Clara with vengeance.

I can’t help but to blame Dr. Manual Pena and the law firm that represented him for the financial, emotional and physical abuse that took place after Clara was force back to Key West.  Perjury is an ugly word, and causes bad things to happen.  And I strongly believe that Judges that tolerate it in their court rooms are just as much to blame as the ones that perpetrate the acts for the events that follow.



When Medical Doctors with the aid of their Attorneys fabricate the truth through the court system, people can get hurt.  In this case, Clara was Financially, Emotionally, Psychologically and Physically destroyed.


Exploitation at it worst

Clara's Emotional exploitation takes it's toll on her.


Countless, Meaningless court dates forced on Clara



This is a rebuttal site in reference to ,   and  as they pertain to Clara G Fernandez, the Mother of Adalberto and Raul Fernandez, Raul being the Blogmaster of the mentioned sites..  I am the life partner of Adalberto Fernandez, the eldest son of Clara and have been part of her family of over thirty years.  This site will reflect on the key points of Raul’s sites pertaining to Clara.   I am William Hart, one of the persons that Raul claims allegedly abducted his Mother, and held her against her will for one entire year.


Raul is claiming that I am trying to do a character assassination on him by way of this site.  Much of my site consists of Raul’s own writings.  They by themselves do a pretty good job of  shedding light on the events, as the facts are the facts.  The personal letters Raul wrote his mother during the time he is claiming she was being held captive, most hand written along with the telephone records, give one a clear and precise visual picture of the events that actually took place.

Many of the correspondences that Raul sent to his mother were very hurtful and upsetting to her and were intended to cause her much anguish and torment.   He went after his target with vigor and achieved his objective.  Clara suffered greatly from his actions.  Clara was 87 years of age at the time he sent his communications to her.  It is ironic that the topic of his website is “Elder Abuse”.

Raul not only committed the act of mental cruelty against his Mother, he also took advantage of her financially, even to the point of committing forgeries to gain access to money in her Trust.  The evidence presented consists of copies of the forged documents.  You can find the details of the forgeries under the tab “The Forgeries”.


In addition to the above, Raul had his mother transfer large amounts of money from the line of credit on her homestead, to private bank accounts solely in his name, supposedly for the purpose of commodities and day trading.  This paints a picture very unbecoming of anyone, especially for someone claiming to be against Elder Abuse.


Raul had been taking advantage of his parents for many years. I don't think that Raul was totally at fault. Clara did coddle him to a certain extent, saying "poor Raul, he didn’t go to college and poor Raul this and poor Raul that".  But the fact that he did not go to college was of his own doing.


Through the years he went through a lot of his parents' money, from one scheme to another.  As Clara got older, his financial demands became larger and Clara felt trapped, as this is what Raul expected of her.  When  Raul moved into her home, she eventually became dependent on him, and this is where the giving mother became a victim.


After Raul lost his father's retirement fund in highly risky investments, money started getting tight.  This is when he went after, first the line of credit on her home and then the home itself.  Look for tab labeled "The House".



I started monitoring and backing up Raul’s site from the time I first found it.  What I find to be of utmost importance is the things that Raul states as fact and of much importance, and then disappears, replaced with a very different version of the same story. All of them will be displayed and discussed in detail showing Raul's lack of grasp on the real world.



Anyone that wishes to add anything to it or dispute anything in it, please feel free. I will publish all comments in its entirety and without edit. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


In an attempt to get to the real facts, I have sent this email to on March 13th, 2008.


I carbon copied the email to the following people:


cc: Andrew Chadwick:

cc. Lauri Borguss:

cc: Irene A. Masiello:

cc: Maria C. Gallo

eMail sent




The Deeds:
n November, 12th 2003, according to Clara, directly after Dr. Fernandez had his second major stroke while in a hospital room in Key West awaiting transportation to Miami and not expected to live, Raul had Dr. Fernandez sign a deed, giving him half ownership of the Key West house.  In Raul’s website, he call’s this “The Big Prize”.   Raul has held this over Clara's  head ever since.  Clara said that Raul used allot of pressure on her to do so, and has caused her allot of grief ever since.  This represented the majority of Clara's wealth.
November, 12th 2003

The Deeds

Clara leaves Key West for a visit with her son Al to West Palm Beach
August 21, 2004

Raul's forgery on Clara's Merrill Lynch Account for $25,000 September 1, 2004

Forgery Sept 1

Clara's first Attorney
September 22, 2004

First Attornet

Raul's first letter he sent his Mother after leaving Key West
September 25, 2004

Farewell Letter

Clara liquidates Merrill Lynch acct. on September 29, 2004 and opens a joint acct. with Al.  Transaction  hits on the same day Raul's second attack hits.  NOTE:  If Clara had done nothing to protect this account, Raul would have been successful,  by way of forgery,  liquidating  nearly half of this account within 39 days from the time Clara left Key West.

September 29, 2004

Merrill Lynch



Raul's second forgery on Clara's Merrill Lynch Account for $15,000 October 1, 2004

Forgery Oct 1

Raul's midnight visit to the Winter Haven Police Department
Claiming Abduction
 October 1, 2004

W.H. Police Rpt.

Clara's Declaration to live with Al.
October 2, 2004

Clara's Declaration

Clara's Medallion Signature Guarantee Request on the Line of Credit with BB&T Bank
October 4, 2004

Medallion Req.

Letters from FFP Securities
Tom Oldt
October 6, 2004

FFP Securities

Clara's First letter to Raul
October 9, 2004

Clara's first letter

Clara removes Raul as Trustee of her Trust

October 11, 2004

Raul's letters to Clara
Served by Buddy Elinor On or about

October 20, 2004

Letters Served

Clara's Final letter to Raul
October 24, 2004

Clara's Final Letter

Clara served Divorce Papers
October 27, 2004

Divorce Papers

Clara Revokes Raul's
Power of Attorney
October 29, 2004

Revoke POA

Letter from Raul to Clara

November 10, 2004

Letter Nov 10

Raul's letter to his Mother Dated November 21, 2004

Letter Nov. 21

Raul's response to Clara's Final letter
  Mid November of 2004

Raul's Final Letter

Contact Information:

William Hart
525 West Lake Howard Drive NW
Winter Haven, Florida 33880
863-294-2564 (Home Phone)



          November of 2003, Raul had Clara take her house out of her trust and deed half of it to himself.   ---   Taking everything he could was exactly what he was there for, first the line of credit on the house and, in November of 2003, he had her take the house out of her trust and deed half of it to him.  These are the facts.

          The House    The Deeds


          September 25, 2004 Clara received her first correspondence from Raul, other than the phone calls, since she left Key West.  It is a ‘disturbing’ “Farewell” letter.  Everything in it is either a lie, or a half truth, designed to emotionally browbeat Clara into reacting emotionally.  It achieved Raul's objective, as it upset her very much.  There had been many phone calls between Clara and Raul before she received this letter, but the tone and content of his calls were becoming very nasty and upsetting to her.  Although she was able to discern fact from fiction, this letter caused her much emotional grief, causing her to question if her actions had actually caused all the mayhem Raul claims it did.

Farewell Letter - Letter from Raul to Clara shows hate and confusion


On October 27, 2004 at 11:02am a report was filed with Florida Adult Protective Services Hotline stating that on September 1, 2004 the youngest son, Raul Fernandez had uttered a forged document using a scanned signature of  his Mother in a Letter of Instruction to Financial Data Services Inc., located in Jacksonville Florida, and sent it by mail.  He had requested the liquidation of $25,000 that was in her Trust and held by Merrill Lynch.  As well, it was reported that on October 1, of 2004 he had made an attempt to liquidate another $15,000 using the identical scanned signature, in a second Letter of Instruction sent to Financial Data Services Inc.. The second Letter of Instruction was not honored because when Clara found out about the liquation of the first $25,000 she placed a Medallion Signature Guarantee on that account, as well as on her Line of Credit on her house in Key West.  Copies of the forged signatures were provided to the agency.


On October 28, 2004 after Adult Protective Service contacted Raul on the issue of forgery and other related issues. He then repeated the story about the abduction of his mother in a complaint he then made to Adult Protective Services Hotline on that day -- October 28th of 2004 -- after he knew he had been "caught".   He complained that Al had abducted his mother from her Key West home and would not let her leave.  The fact that the alleged abduction would have taken place on August 21st of 2004, and the first complaint was not filed until October 28, of 2004 would lead one to believe that something is very wrong with his scenario. 


        The first problem with Raul’s scenario is that he wants us to believe that his Mother, an 87-yr-old woman, was abducted from her home in Key West and was being held against her will, and he waits 86 days to report the crime.  From there his accusations go from unbelievable to absurd.


Raul’s second problem is that it would also be pretty hard to believe that as many communications that took place during that time period, if abduction had actually taken place, the subject of abduction would have been mentioned, yet it wasn’t.


        Many eMails and letters, three of which were served by currier, and one being a divorce lawsuit, were received by Clara.  These were between September 25th of 2004, and November 7th of 2004.  That was one month after Raul's alleged abduction theory of Clara, his Mother. These eMails were sent from either Raul, his son Jason, or Raul’s daughter Jessica.  Many things were talked about, such as all the bad things Clara had done to Raul, a response from Raul stating that Clara's wishes didn't ever deserve a response, Clara’s Last Will and Testament, who's going to get what, Raul's protestations that he didn’t start cleaning out Clara’s Merrill Lynch account by forgery three weeks after she left Key West, all followed by many conflicting statements about what he had done with this money.  In many of Raul's correspondences he showed nothing but loathing toward Clara.  During this time, Raul, Jason, and Jessica talked about many things, but never once was a word said about any abduction, drugging, or isolation of Clara.


























The Deeds

Event Sequence

The House

Sales Contract

Farewell Letter

The Forgeries

Rev. of POA

The eMails

eMail Comments

The Phone Calls

Clara's Statement


          Probably the most horrific thing that a son could do to his mother is instigate a divorce between she and her incapacitated husband, especially at the age of 87.  Raul committed such an act on Clara.  What also makes this act so heinous is the wording Raul used in the Divorce Papers. 

          It appears that Clara may have had a stroke that caused her fall.  She was under allot of stress due to the fact that the only reason that we were in Key West was because she was served a summons to appear in a hearing pertaining to the divorce lawsuit that Raul instigated against her.  The hearing was set for November 18, 2004 at the Monroe County Courthouse Annex in Key West.  Her fall happened the day before the hearing was to take place.


Divorce Papers


The Confernece




Quote from Raul's website:

Clara's is not eligible for Medicaid and her Medicare benefits run out after 100 days, her house was Quit claim deeded over to the perpetrators, and the once financial independent elder is now dependent on the mercy of relatives and government benefits.

Whose house is it?  He makes it sound as if he has no idea.  Is it his house, Clara's house, Al's house?  This shows Raul's real lack of reality and lack of ability to differentiate fact from fiction.  In November of 2003, Raul had Clara take her home out of her Trust and deed half of it to him, now that's reality.


Jackson Memorial Hospital preformed a life saving brain operation on Clara.  The fact that Clara's life was saved, in my opinion provoked Raul very much, to the extent that he wrote an article about his feelings on the subject and published it.  Read it!    Raul is Pissed



        In the month of October, 2004 is when Raul concocted the abduction story, Clara told Adult Protective Services Investigators in four separate interviews as well as Police Officer with the Winter Haven Police Department that she had not been abducted and was not being held against her will and that she wanted to be with Al.  In addition to that, according to telephone bills acquired from Bellsouth, the Key West house, Al's Royal Palm Beach house, Bill's house in Winter Haven, and  Verizon, there were over 546 minuets logged between said telephones all during the time period that Raul later claimed that he did not know where his mother was.



The eMails  The Phone Calls  Clara's Statement  Just Checking

The big question is:  Why did Dr. Manuel Pena and Raul Fernandez sign two sworn statements that are contrary to the facts and submit them to the Court?



Here are a couple of photographs of Raul Fernandez
and his buddy, Dr. Manuel Pena, both guests in Al's home

The way I understand the story was that Clara's last words she spoke to Al, her eldest son just before Dr. Pena removed Clara from Royal Palm Beach was "Who is doing this to me” and Al said, I think It is Raul” then at that point Dr. Manuel Pena took the phone from Clara’s hands and told Al, “Don’t confuse her anymore”.  That was the last time Al was able to speak to his mother for many months.  Without prior warning or notification to Clara of any kind,  Dr. Pena removed Clara from her home.  She was taken to a local hospital and checked out, the results - No findings of physical abuse or neglect as alleged.  My understanding is that Dr. Pena then promptly turned Clara over to Raul and the abuse resumed, but at a much accelerated rate, as Clara was no longer able to protect herself because of her cognitive deficit.  Raul then exploited her disability in many ways.

  At that point it seems as if Dr. Pena's deed was pretty much done.   His petition was good for 60 days.  After that 60 days were up, he did not attempt to re-new it.  He resigned and recommended Angela McClain which turned out to be nothing but a puppet of Raul's.    Raul had now gained control of Clara and Clara was totally at the mercy of Raul.


According to Raul's website, the definition of abduction is:

ab•duct (transitive verb).  To snatch somebody away, to take somebody away by force or deception.


It is reasonable to believe that Clara was taken by force and had no say-so in the matter, nor do I believe she had the cognitive ability to make such choices.  She had made those choices while she still had the cognitive ability to do so.  That is, while she still had full understanding as to (who, what, why, when and where) as it pertained to her own situation in life.  What’s more, her decision to live with Al was principally (there were also other reasons), based on her perception and statements that Raul had been abusing her in many ways.  That was Clara's decision to make, not Dr. Pena's.  The abuses Raul committed against Clara will be thoroughly addressed.  I believe that Dr. Pena used deception through the courts to get his petition signed by Judge Gary L Vonhoff.   The facts show that Clara was not abducted, and that at no time was she found to have been over-drugged as Dr. Pena stated "as fact" in his sworn statement submitted to the courts.  Actually, the primary statements made by Dr. Pena had already been investigated and addressed by Adult Protective Services and determined to be unfounded.  I believe that Judge Vonhoff granted Dr. Pena temporary custody of Clara, ex parte, based on those untrue material statements made by Dr. Pena.  I also believe that Dr. Pena’s credentials as a medical doctor played a substantial role in Judge Vonhoff’s decision,  Raul was counting on that.  On the contrary, there were few factual statements made in his petition.  This is what caused Clara to be returned to the one person she had repeatedly said she did not want to nor felt safe with.  Initially most of the allegations he made were basically rubber-stamped from Raul's complaints to Adult Protective Services. one day after his forgeries were reported to Adult Protective Services.  Considering the timing, I believe this was done solely in retribution.  Adult Protective Services also received allegations that Clara was incapacitated at that time.  Clara was interviewed four times in Winter Haven and once in Key West by Adult Protective Services investigators pertaining to all the allegations made to their agency.  The final conclusions made by Adult Protective Services were negative to all allegations.   On October 1, 2004, Clara was also interviewed by an officer from the Winter Haven Police Department at about 4:30am that morning.  Raul had shown up at about 3:30am at the Winter Haven Police Station with his accusations of abduction.  Clara stated to the officer who came to speak to her that her son did not abduct her and that she wanted to be with him.  Clara also advised that she is tired of her sons fighting and wish they would just get along.  The officer reported that Clara appeared to be in good health and she stated that she was fine.  No further action was taken.


 In addition to the above, a medical doctor while in Winter Haven tested Clara for mental competency.  The results of the Mini Mental exam administered in Winter Haven were one point higher than those of a few months earlier before she had left Key West.  The Key West test was administered by Dr. Kaplitz, and she concluded and later testified that Clara was competent then.


  It is my understanding that when Clara was sequestered away from Royal Palm Beach, she was not permitted to take any personal belongings with her,  but only her medicines, wheelchair and the clothes she was wearing.


The way I see it, applying Raul's own published definition of abduction, Dr. Pena abducted Clara Fernandez and put her back in danger, but it was Clara that suffered the consequences.


So far, the financial impact of Dr. Manuel Pena's actions that he initiated appears to have caused damages probably exceeding $200,000 and growing.  This has cost Clara most of her liquid assets and has created a crisis.  The last time Al talked to Dr. Pena, he hung up on Al.  Dr. Pena's wife will no longer talk about the case with us.  Had there been any factual basis of improprieties alleged by the Raul-Pena team, a simple call to Adult Protective Services, Sheriffs Department or Florida Department of Law Enforcement would have negated the need for the costly legal proceedings that has and is currently taking place.  Any one of these agencies would undoubtedly have taken appropriate action.  It makes you wonder what motives they may have had to go to such extremes in defiance of all appropriate channels available.   Did Dr. Pena do it to protect Raul from the pending lawsuit against him for forgery?  Did Pena’s own religious belief that his aunt Clara should be “next to her (now deceased) husband”,  play a part regardless of what her wishes were when she had the ability to use past history and known aggression against her to make an informed decision?  Is this consistent with Raul’s instigated Petition for Divorce?  Did Pena really think that he knew better, after Clara’s wishes and well being had been thoroughly investigated by the agencies in the various counties?  Did he think that his own whim should supersede the findings of the authorities, and investigative agencies that had already done their job?  I believe that he used his weight of his medical credentials to ad strength to his untrue material statements that changed the course of his aunt’s fate to the detriment of her own physical, medical, mental and affective well being.    


Before Dr. Pena removed Clara from Royal Palm Beach, Al called Dr. Pena at his home in Naples after he learned of Dr. Pena's contact with Raul.  Al wanted to talk about Clara and her current situation .  He said that he didn't want to get involved and didn't have the time. Also, Clara's attorney had invited Pena to Royal Palm Beach to visit with Al and Clara and discuss any and all concerns he may have had concerning Clara's wellbeing, and then he could make sound decisions with a better understanding of his aunt's predicament with Raul in Key West.   There was no response to this invitation.



Please look at the details of Dr. Pena's Petition for Temporary Guardianship of Clara Fernandez.    KNOW THE TRUTH !  Click on "Dr Pena, Why?"

Dr Pena, Why?

 The House Pena's Invitation Pena's Petition Hearing Notices W.H. Police Rpt. The eMails
 The Phone CallsRev. of POA Just Checking Therapist Notes Clara's Statement Farewell Letter


Did Dr. Manuel Pena have any reasons to believe that Clara had been abducted, being held against her will, being drugged or anything else?  The evidence tells a very different story than what Dr. Pena put in his sworn statements.  




Royal Palm Beach May 28, 2005
Clara (AKA Biker Mom) 

December of 2006, Clara after her attempt to commit suicide, as one of Raul's stated reasons while in his Care and in his presences? 

This web site is in reaction to the site called and .  These two sights are just a cover-up to try and hide his own acts of Elder Abuse shows the extent that he will go to achieve he goal.


          The content of my site consist of facts that will be labeled as such along with the evidence to back up the claims.  In addition to the evidence, my own personal observations will be presented here and labeled as such. 


          I personally believe that crimes have been committed against Clara Fernandez as well as against the Courts of Palm Beach County and against the Courts of Monroe County.  It is not my intention to libel or slander anyone.  I cannot personally label anyone as a criminal.  That is up to the Courts.  I believe that I am providing evidence for you to come up with your own conclusions.


          When an elderly person ends up with life threatening injuries, one would expect the eye witness which in this case was the care giver and son, to give an accurate account of the event.  Raul was that person.  Here are four of his published statements as to the reason Clara ended up with a broken hip and the need for brain surgery.  I added a possible fifth reason that is plausible. 


I started monitoring and backing up Raul’s site from the time I first found it.  What I find to be of utmost importance is the things that Raul states as fact and of much importance, and then it disappears, replaced with a very different version of the same event.  For instance, Raul’s explanation early on of why Clara was in the hospital was as follows.


Why Clara was in the hospital with a broken hip and head injuries
(according Raul)

 NOTICE:  As of May 1, 2007, Raul  published a new explanation as to why Clara has a broken hip.  I wonder what it will be next week?


Reason #1

Reason #1: - NOTE:  This is one of Raul's statement on his web site as to why Clara has a broken hip and needed brain surgery.   It appears that Raul has already forgotten about  the articles he previously wrote Reason #2: Is it because Clara tried to commit suicide in November of 2006 by jumping out of a truck, and Reason #3: because she was kidnapped, drugged, raped and left for dead with broken bones and had her head smashed in August of 2005 and Reason #4: Because of Withholding of Medication Resulting in Broken Hip in November of 2004.  and Reason #5: Raul wishes Clara dead?   Again, I urge you to research Psychosis, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Pathological Liar.   Yet the most frightening thing is that it is quite possible that Raul believes that his stories are factual, as twisted and ever-changing as they are.  That is what makes him a danger to his mother Clara, as well as society in general.


According to Raul:

Clara on November 17Th 2004, almost three months after she was abducted from her home in Key West and after her near fatal fall.


          Before her abduction, Clara lived happily in her well equipped home designed to meet her handicap needs. She was being lovingly cared for and enjoyed nutritious meals according to her special dietary needs and was under 24 hour supervision.  After being abducted, Clara was left alone in a motel room while her handlers left her heavily sedated.  Clara, left to her own devise, decided to take a shower without assistance. Clara fell in the bathroom and hit her head on the porcelain tub. She was found later by her handlers and was taken to the E.R. in Key West.  Her injuries were so critical that she then had to be air-lifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Trauma Center in Miami, Florida to undergo emergency neurosurgery.  The result of that fall indeed rendered her "totally incapacitated". Again, another 'CASE OF NEGLECT' involving the elderly.


NOTE: Clara's fall while trying to get out of the bathtub occurred in November of 2004, not only was she not heavily sedated, she was not found to have been sedated at all.  The sedation only occurred between Raul's ears. This fall did not result in a broken hip or require brain surgery and in no way related to her fall in 2006.  Clara's hospitalization was due to an event that accrued sometime in the month of December of 2006, not November of 2004 and occurred in Raul’s care and in his presence, not in Al's care as stated in Raul's Reason #1.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: Raul here is claiming that Clara was rendered "totally incapacitated" as of November 17th 2004.   On October 29, 2004, about one year earlier, Clara did a Revocation of Raul's Power of Attorney as a result of multiple forgeries Raul had committed against her,  resulting in $25,000 being liquidated from her trust and a month later attempted for another $15,000. In addition to this reason, Raul told Clara many lies pertaining to her finances and many other matters, most in writing, as well as sending her hate letters.  That was adequate reason for Clara to revocate his Power of Attorney.  By the time Raul got Clara back, Clara's incapacity left her unable to remember much of the past and Raul exploited this vulnerability Clara had.  He attempted to have Clara re-write her will and reassign here Power of Attorney to him.  Raul also had Clara sign a sworn statement at the Sheriff's Office that he had concocted saying that Al has abducted her and many other things.  In my opinion, this shows lack of regard for his mother's emotional well being and demonstrates to all what he is really made of.

Rev. of POA




Reason #2

Reason #2   

 According to Raul:

Clara wishes to join her sister in death,
rather than
live without hope!


          The Hearing was set for Monday November 20th was a big disappointment for Clara, Her guardians attorney had failed to notify attorney Mr. Garcia and he had the motions approved by the Judge VACATED the following Monday.  We had been waiting since July of 2006 for this hearing which would pave the way for Clara's case to finally be heard 27 months after her abduction , that's 27 months after legal wrangling in 4 counties , and over $100,000 spent in legal fees for Claras defense. In her moments of lucidity Clara liked to ask many question such as why is the house in such dis-repair , I try to explain to her that the bank froze the money given by the insurance company for the repairs, due to the write offs in her credit during the time of her abduction and the repairs had to halted in order to have money for other things.  Clara asks why is her bed on the Florida Room floor and not in her  freshly painted room again we try to explain how we lack money for even basic necessities, like food , medications, and medical services like physical therapy that medicare does not cover.  It's hard to admit that after Clara spent a small fortune in legal fees we  are in the same place we were back in July , still waiting for a hearing with Judge Payne to be able to air her case and finally be step closer to closure.  Instead of hope , a black cloud came over us after that hearing on November Monday 20th .. it's ironic that the next several days mail came full of envelopes from Garcia , addressed to Clara, to Raul in an redundancy of service , stressing the fact that the hearing was vacated. Judy became very depressed at this turn of events and this in turn affected everyone, Raul became agitated including Clara who became extremely depressed and said she did not have a reason to live and wished to join her sister Olga, and Dr. Fernandez her husband , in death .


Clara takes off seat belt and plunges herself
onto the pavement, without warning!


          Clara seems very receptive to changes in our attitude after the hearing that was held on Monday November 20th. The disappointment of having waited so long, only to have it vacated was intense and overbearing, Judy had been ill since, and Raul had been distraught, in that Clara's day in court was made a mockery of once again. A Black cloud seem to envelop us, we got up early to take Clara to Dr Kaplitz, her neurosurgeon who remarked how much better she looked and how well taken care of she was.   Suddenly and un-expectedly Clara had managed to work loose her seat belt, something she had not been able to do before, and open the door and bolt out , gravity taking over and Clara falling into a rumple mess on the concrete breaking a hip and suffering a concussion.  Paramedics were right there and in mobilized her and she was rushed to the ER.  In the ER We found she had broken bones preparations were underway for surgery, when the results of brain scanned indicated there was bleeding inside the cranial cavity. Arrangements were being made to rush her to the nearest neurosurgeons in Miami, but no one is eager to take a 88 year old with multile injuries , so we set in for long nite in the ER.  Almost , when we were ready to give up , the good news that Jackson Memorial in Miami had agreed to take her, so preparations begun for a Helicopter Ride.  It is very frustating when no one feels the urgency of the time frame for which this needs to be resolved for Clara to have peace and to know that her money will be there to take care of her needs and feel relieve from the pressure of never ending court battles , demanding investigations, questioning by authorities, pending on public services, because her assets were taken from her illegally and she has used up all her savings , what ever portion was not taken from her , to fund her never ending legal battle with the thugs that abused her.



          First off, who's idea was it to have the hearing without notification of apposing representation?   Was it an accident or done on purpose as to having only one side heard in order to make it easier to lie to the courts without any opposition.  The best I can make out of Raul’s website, this action with The Anderson Firm cost Clara somewhere around $15,000.


          After examining the invoices presented to Angela McClain by The Anderson Firm, it is obvious that from the beginning Raul was running the show, and Angela was not much more than a tool Raul used to put some weight behind his lies and deception. Angela was unable or unwilling to examine the merits of Raul’s accusations no matter how hard Al and I tried to get through to her.  Angela’s actions in no way or at any time showed any resemblance of impartial behavior on her part as demanded by the courts.  It appears that she swallowed everything Raul told her without reservation or accountability.  In her mind, if Raul said it, she believed it, and that’s that, regardless of what evidence was presented to her to the contrary.   If Angela would have been an impartial party, she would have called Al and said, Raul said this and Raul said that, what's the scoop?   Raul's accusations could have been addressed and put to rest with one simple phone call.  With one phone call, and an open mind, her understanding of the case would have come into focus, and her ability to make sound decisions based on the actual facts would have empowered her to do right by Clara.  All we ever asked for and demanded by the courts was for Angela to be a neutral.    Examine all the facts, do not assume anything and add impartiality to the equation.  If she asked us a direct question, we will in turn give her a direct answer and back it up.


           Dr. Pena and Raul represented by the Fowler Law Firm, P.A. and Maria Bentancurt, P.A. in Key West, Monroe County set up a hearing for May 23rd of 2005.  Attorney Manuel Garcia (Al’s attorney) was given a ‘Notice of Hearing’ for Monday, May 23, 2005, at 3:30 p.m., whereas Preston Jennings, Laura Borguss, Nancy Kaplitz, M.D. and Angela McClain, all witness’s for Raul and Dr. Pena were served Subpoena duce Tecum for the Hearing dated for May 12, 2005 at 9:30 a.m..  These were served on or about May 12, 2005 to the named recipients.  I believe that the possibility exists that this was done on purpose in the hopes of having the hearing taking place without apposing representation to circumvent justice.  The cost of this?, I have no idea.



          Dr. Pena and his legal firm in Palm Beach County pulled the same stunt, not notifying apposing council of a hearing.  I believe this was done for the same purpose.   To conceal the facts.  Considering that all material statements were false would have made it unlikely that Judge Gary L. Vonhof would have signed his petition to remove Clara from Palm Beach County if proper representation would have been notified of the hearing, and facts brought out, and Dr. Manuel Pena made accountable of his actions.   According to Raul’s website, this stunt cost $21,475.   In addition to the financial harm done, these acts set the stage for Raul to continue with his psychological warfare against Clara as well as financial.  After Raul got Clara back, the Line of Credit got as high as $245,000.  Hopefully some day, Dr. Pena will be held accountable for his actions.



Hearing Notices


          This type of behavior is far from what I would consider fair play and would rarely be inducive to the rendering of informed decisions based on all the facts of the case by any Judge.  Far from the America dream of an impartial court system in any civilized society.  





Reason #3:  Short Version         Long Version


Now here is another version as to why Clara was in the hospital.  I found this on the net by searching “elder-abuse-cyberray”

The address is as follows.


According to Raul:

Cyberray said...

Hello, Iraqi friends, everyday brings new challanges, never dull moment, it's getting that way here in the US . My moher was kidnapped for her money, she was druged and made to hand over all her ger life savings, properties, jewelry, all. then she was raped, and left for dead, when I rescued her with the police minus the money she had broken bones and her head was smashed, she still at the hospital . I have documented all here :
I am asking all my friends to come by and hit on the site, this will help me get attention to the case the more hits the better, please help me on this, Maybe I can take police to take action and get some of her money back, which was my money she was safekeeping it for me) and I love to get these homegrown american terrorists arrested. You can help me by giving me a few hits on the site, Thanks, knew i could count on you.


So here above Raul is claiming that Clara was in the Hospital with a broken hip because she was kidnapped, drugged, raped and left for dead with broken bones and her head smashed.



Reason #4:  Reason #4

 According to Raul: 

Withholding of Medication Resulting in Broken Hip


          Before Clara was abducted and taken in such a hurry, that her Medications where left behind,  her bone condition was being closely monitored, and she was receiving load exercises therapy 2x a week (lifting weights) for her Osteoporosis  and riding her tricycle 3 x a week up until the time she was abducted.

Being taken from her care-givers, she did not recieve her daily exercise as well as her medications, and during that time she was kept in isolation and in nursing homes,

causing 'dis-use'.

After her rescue on August 20005, bone density tests confirmed a "worse off meds".

-Dr. Gertz Notes 8-30-05  5-1-05.


          Just Checking Medical Management Program did a interview

with Clara, they listed the Medications given, there was several sedative

combinations, but Fosamax for Osteoporosis and to avoid bone

fractures, was a 'must take' medication for Clara and it was being

withheld, and apparently her abductors had not had a done a bone

density test and so were not aware of her delicate situation in regards

to bone density loss.


          NOTE: In the photograph of the Fosamax, the pills are dated.  Raul claimed that Clara was abducted and left in such a hurry that her meds were left behind.  If Clara's meds were left behind and he felt that the Fasamax was so important, why didn't he send them to her, as he did with her clothes?  There is an extensive telephone trail that makes it very clear that Clara and Raul were in constant contact and letters Clara received from Raul that proves he always knew where she was.  If the Fosamax was retrieved in West Palm Beach at the time Dr. Pena Abducted her, then that is proof that when Clara left Key West that the meds were taken with her when she left Key West.  So either Raul is lying about not taking her meds with her when she left Key West or Raul withheld Clara's Fosamax by not sending them to her as he did the hate letters, Divorce Papers and her clothes. 



The primary participants in this saga are as follows.


Dr. Manuel M Pena of Naples (48, Clara Fernandez is his maternal aunt)

Raul Fernandez of Key West (son of Clara Fernandez, age 53)

Adalberto Fernandez of Royal Palm Beach (son, age 60).

Angela L McClain of Key West (current Guardian of Clara Fernandez)

Judge Gary L Vonhof, Circuit Judge for Palm Beach County (Presiding Judge in Palm Beach County)

Judge Richard G Payne, Circuit Judge for Monroe County (Presiding Judge in Monroe County)

William Hart of Winter Haven (54, life partner of Adalberto Fernandez)

Clare G Fernandez of Key West (88, Mother of Adalberto and Raul)

Adrian Philip Thomas, P.A. Attorney at Law of Fort Lauderdale

The Fowler Law Firm, P.A. (Key West)

Maria Betancourt - Attorney (Key West)

Cara Higgins - Attorney (Key West)

Manual Garcia, P.A Attorney at Law of Key West - Attorney Clara hired to defend here in divorce Lawsuit and all other matters

Gregory D. Davila, P.A. - Attorney that filed DIVORCE LAW SUITE suit against Clara

Dr. Kaplitz M.D. - Clara's Neurologist

Dr. Corliss Rupp M.D.

Dr. Jorge A. Aguinaga M.D.

Dr. Elias Gerth M.D.

Clay Kellam - Adult Protective Services Investigator (Polk County)

Susan Stockard  - Adult Protective Services Investigator (Dade County)

Ricardo Palacios - Adult Protective Services Investigator (Dade County)

Melanie Miller - Adult Protective Services Investigator (Monroe County)

Patrica Lynn Casselman - Adult Protective Services Investigator - Supervisor - (Monroe County)

Roberta Matranga, BA - Administrative Coordinator for Just Checking! Program - Lake Worth, FL

Clara-Broken_ hip.pdf








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