The big question: Is this the type of letter you would
send your incapacitated abducted Mother?


(Translation) followed by a copy of the original hand written letter, written by Raul


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After reading your last letter I stopped thinking whether is was worthy of an answer, the answer is NO!  but anyway.  As I said you put money above all and threw us to the street and damaged my [back] operation you can laugh and justify it all you want.


But the truth is there, the or the standard of life to which you speak consist of having taken care of the parents for 24/7 the last years, by Judy $100 and I 1,000 which 750 go to pay medical insurance, I have no clothes, and I donít go on vacations, to Mardi Gras nor Camping, I am surprised of this accusation.

It seems that you do not read anything that I send the line of credit was to fix the Key Haven house, I was going to put it like new and sell it for much more, I was going to collect on the Denie Mtg [mortgage], and I was going to build the house in Orlando and already the work was under construction, You made me look bad. This is not how things are done.

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But I donít expect that you understand knowing how to do that, since you have so little experience in businesses.


           With the Apt [apartment] in STO Dgo [Santo Domingo], with the rent I am buying 2 lots You could be doing this if you had not lost your Apt [apartment] in Tampa


Thinks  you wonít do well, here instead of working for the family, searching for the best bidder for the house, for the past 3 months I have been dodging your attacks and spending money.

It doesnít matter that the Orlando house represents earnings for the family of $250,000 I donít expect you to understand this. on one side one spends it and on the other one earns.
Much of the money was spent in medicines and in Caring for the old ones during their Crisis and illness That is what is for, and much was done during this time


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When I came from STO DGO [Santo Domingo] in 99 the Will was already written, SO stop saying stupidities and lies, that I, because I had nothing to do with that.


          My inheritance is something personal and I leave to whomever I want, but you all want to distribute it. (SIC)


          The Orlando House 6 months of work how you harmed it, it was for the you allís good, I will be difficult that you find a Contractor of my Stature that will build a house as good you shot yourselves on the foot., how bad is hate and ignorance.


         In 99 the Key Haven house was worth 300,000 and Clara Could NOT stay there alone with A.J. she did it because I left my business in D. Rep. and came to face this.

Only because of this it was maintained and went up in value 5x


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Cirito [Al] is using the power [of Attorney] that you gave him to do us much harm and if he is not telling you you gave the power to a person who is causing you much harm.

As you know, Cirito [Al] used the pull and seniority that he has as a Social Worker and accused Judy and me of abusing the old man, not giving him food, leaving him in his feces and maltreating him.

Since Cirito [Al] doesnít have any professional License he doesnít care who he hurts.

From now on, when we apply for a job, or a background check, ofr example to activate by licenses It comes up on the Record that we were investigated by the state for abusing the elder!


Judy who is being investigated for her citizenship now is going to have this on her record. 


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She says that if she knows this she doesnít come, and today we went to Miani to renovate her Visa, because she wants to return [to the Dominican Republic?]

Cirito [Al] will not become a citizen and will not let Judy become one, because that is a very serious charge,  and they asked Judy for her Driver Lic[ense] and her Social Sec[urity] and now that complaint from Cirito [Al] is part of our Records.

[Coming] From Cirito [Al] I am not surprised because all his life he has sabotaged me, but that You Clarita [Clara, that is, Mother] are part of this gives me much much      S h a m e !


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         Well Iím tired of defending myself, will not do it any more.  I will not defend myself from your nasty accusations without merit. Please do not write me, because I cannot negotiate  an inheritance and properties that are not mine.  And you have such a low  estimation of me, that I cannot deal with you all at the level that I am accustomed to being Treated


Forget about me, since your (pl.) behavior N A U S I A T E S me!


We will let things air out and the lawyers and Judges will decide.

Because you (pl.) are SIC!


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Since you (pl.) donít understand words, perhaps you (pl.) can understand drawings



Since there is so much hurry in dividing and liquidating we are going to liquidate and divide all.!

            But at todayís value, not at the value of 10 years ago. 

                        WISE PEOPLE!  But   not LIKE THAT! 



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