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ON March 13, 2008

Thursday, March 13th, 2008
To Raul Fernandez:
cc: Andrew Chadwick:
cc. Lauri Borguss:
cc: Irene A. Masiello:
cc: Maria C. Gallo
            Raul, only telling your side of the story leaves your readers pretty much clueless as to all the facts.  If you are so sure of your side, than allowing your readers to see the other side of the coin should be a breeze.  -  Let everyone be heard!! 
            In order to allow all the facts to be heard, I ask Andrew Chadwick, Lauri Borguss, Irene Masiello and Maria Gallo see to it that the website you support and that bare your names and reputations be honest and straight forward and allow other sources of evidence pertaining to Clara G Fernandez be shown on your website.  Anything less would indicate that ELDERABUSEHELP.ORG is less that honest and has much to hide.
Here are a few questions for starters:
            Raul, is it not true that you lost the bulk of your fathers retirement fund doing high risk investments such as day trading on the internet, leaving him financially impoverished and finding it very hard to sustain the Key West House before Clara left Key West in August of 2004, as evident by line 9 of the divorce papers served to Clara on November 8th, of 2004 and instigated by you. 
9.         Wife is well able to earn money and to permanently contribute to the support of Husband.  Husband is without sufficient funds with which to support himself, without this assistanceÖ..
Allow your readers to read the entire divorce papers; itís only fair to allow everyone to know the truth. 
            Raul, is it not true that you had your father sign over his rights to his Key West Home on November 12th, 2003, while he was in a hospital bed waiting to be transferred to Miami Heart Institute after suffering his second major stroke and with major brain damage?
            Is it not true that you sent Clara, your mother a farewell letter dated September 25, of 2004 saying the following?
Dear Mother:
          It is very hard to have taken many decisions alone, without having being able to count on you.  (Mother penciled in : What are you taking about?  I like to make decisions.)
          We are glad that are are happy, and as Bill says, going out with his uncle and having a good time.   (Clara penciled:  All a lie).
          Beginning in October, will send to you the new credit card, and one half of the income, so that you will not lack any money. 
          The Old Man  [Claraís husband, and the father a Al and Raul] and Judy [Rayís wife] are going to Santo Domingo .  I myself, Iím going to a rented apartment.
          To Al, that anything he wants to know, to call lawyer Highsmith, since he also knows his number.  (Clara  penciled, Itís in the phone book, and I wanted to have it.)  From my part, the way he [Al] treated me, I have NOTHING to speak with him.  Not now and not later.  (Clara added on pencil.  What?  Explain this.  He requested a copy of the Will, and so did you.)
          We are very busy packing and tying loose ends.  (Clara penciled: Which?  Tell me.)
Luck with Your new Life.
[signed] Raul  (Clara penciled:  I donít like this. )
Doesnít sound like an abduction situation here.
Let the truth be heard: Raulís first original hand written letter he wrote Clara:


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