The Financial and emotional gang rape of Clara G. Fernandez



Clara revoked Raul, her youngest son's Power of Attorney on October 29th of 2004, after him financially destroying her husband, a once wealthy retired doctor, and well on the way of destroying her, committing forgeries against her trust and sending her hate letters after she told him that she did not wish for him to inherit everything. The revocation was a scream of “STOP, I don’t want you to do this to me any more” yet with an army of attorneys, paid for, with my understanding,  half the proceeds from the sale of Clara’s homestead,  the gang rape continued until Clara was financially destroyed, impoverished and left emotionally nothing more than an empty shell.


Is this what our legal system of come to in this country?


I strongly feel that if Attorneys and Judges were held responsible
for their actions, there would be far less elder abuse in this county.


Is that not a form of rape?



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