Raul's Farewell Letter to Clara

September 25, 2004

Raul claims that Clara had been abducted and 
was  being held against her will, yet sends her this letter.







Translation of Letter from Ray to Clara through the Mails dated Sept 25, 2004, thirty-five days after she leaves Key West.  Raul now is claiming that she was being held captive when he wrote this letter.



Dear Mother:

          It is very hard to have taken many decisions alone, without having being able to count on you.  (Mother penciled in : What are you talking about?  I like to make decisions.)


          We are glad that you are happy, and as Bill says, going out with his uncle and having a good time.   (Clara penciled:  All a lie).


          Beginning in October, will send to you the new credit card, and one half of the income, so that you will not lack any money. 


          The Old Man  [Clara’s husband, and the father a Al and Raul] and Judy [Ray’s wife] are going to Santo Domingo.  I myself, I’m going to a rented apartment.


          To Al, that anything he wants to know, to call lawyer Highsimth, since he also knows his number.  (Clara  penciled, It’s in the phone book, and I wanted to have it.)  From my part, the way he [Al] treated me, I have NOTHING to speak with him.  Not now and not later.  (Clara added on pencil.  What?  Explain this.  He requested a copy of the Will, and so did you.)


          We are very busy packing and tying loose ends.  (Clara penciled: Which?  Tell me.)


Luck with Your new Life.


[signed] Raul  (Clara penciled:  I don’t like this. )



 Al's Commentary



Date:    09/25/04                       

From:    Raul                

To:       Mother

Subject: Raul’s Farewell letter to Mother


Notes:   This is the first correspondence received by Mother from Ray other than the phone calls.  It is a ‘nasty’ “Farewell” letter.  Everything in it is either a lie, or a half truth, designed to emotionally browbeat Clara into reacting emotionally.  It achieved Raul's objective, as it upset Clara very much.  There had been many phone calls between Clara and Raul before she received this letter and tone and content of his calls were becoming very nasty and upsetting to Clara.  Although she was able to discern fact from fiction, this letter caused her much emotional grief causing her to question if her actions had actually caused all the mayhem Raul claims it did.


a)      Ray laments not having had the opportunity to consult with mother for making decisions.  This     implies that he acknowledges that she is indeed competent to make such decisions, a fact that he later disputes.  It also suggests to her that she has abandoned him.


b)      Ray is happy that she is “dating” Bill’s uncle.  No such thing.  Aimed at confusing her into thinking that her absence from Key West was producing untrue gossip about her.


c)      Beginning October he will begin sending her one half of all the household income so that she won’t lack anything.  Of course, he never did, nor he intended to.  Instead, Ray cancelled her credit card.


d)      AJ and Judy (Raul’s current wife) are going to the Dominican Republic.  Raul himself will stay behind at a rented apartment.  The implication is that they are dismantling her house and disposing of her belongings without her input.  The thought made Mother very uncomfortable, and she thought that Ray had indeed sold the Key West house, as she had been instructing him to do for some time now, but made her remark with alarm that Medicare does not offer coverage outside of the US. 


e)      That Al should call attorney Highsmith if he needs to know anything.  That is, Ray does not want to be contacted by Al.


f)       Raul remarks that he has nothing to say to Al “now or later”. 


g)      That “we (Raul and his wife Judy) are very busy “packing and tying loose ends”.  Mother wanted to know what loose ends.  She didn’t know there were any.  They were not, in truth packing anything, other than her clothes, which they later sent to her, unannounced, via UPS, in large boxes, in a gesture of rejection, as if throwing her out of her own house. 


h)      “Good luck with Your new Life”.  Signed:  Raul  Mother did not like the “tone” of this sarcastic remark.   Every line of this letter had the intended effect of upsetting mother, and made her question Raul’s emotional stability.  Still, mother was relieved about having left behind problems that were weighing heavily on her.  This letter exemplifies Raul’s style of emotional warfare he waged on Clara as a matter of course in order to control her and make her do what he wants. 




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