Sequence of events 

Clara leaves Key West with Al
Appointment made for Clara to spend weekend at Spring Haven
Hearing Aid – Clara pays from her credit card
Raul calls his mother to castigate her for spending
Raul cancels Clara’s credit card
Appointment with Dermatologist
Hurricane Katrina- trip to Winter Haven
Clara likes Winter Haven
Pat (Bill’s mother) asks Clara to stay as long as she wants
Clara tells Al about financial problems in Key West
Clara Requests copy of her will
Clara requests financial information
Plans are made to meet in Orlando
Raul blocks Clara’s from buying her meds at Winn Dixie
Clara sees new doctor in Winter Haven
Raul post pones planned trip to Orlando
Clara tells Al about problem with Key West House
Clara sees attorney regarding modifying her will
Clara receives “Farewell” letter from Raul
Raul’s first forgery discovered
Clara consults with Tom Oldt - FFP Securities – Places required Medallion signatures on Merrill Lynch and Line of Credit accounts
Raul's second forgery discovered
Many phone calls between Raul & Clara
Laura (Raul’s Ex) drops by Winter Have to take Clara w/lies
Laura tells story about AJ’s unsatisfactory condition in Key West
Midnight surprise raid to Winter Haven Police Station - Raul makes accusations of abduction and holding Clara against her will
Clara makes it clear to Police officer that she was not abducted, and wishes to remain with Al. 
Ugly letter from Raul to his mother by certified mail
Even uglier letter to his mother by server
Clara Receives Petition for Divorce Lawsuit
Trip to Key West for Divorce – Clara didn’t want to go
Clara hires Manuel Garcia to defend her
Clara first meets with Adult Protective Services investigator - Al & Bill took her there
Mother suffers stroke and fall in Key West
Bill notifies Raul of Clara's fall – Raul calls Sheriff’s for “trespassing”
Raul causes scene at hospital and is asked to leave by security
Angela and Raul visits Clara at Lower Keys - another scene - security called again
Clara is airlifted to Baptist Hospital
Raul accuses Al , again of “drugging” Clara while hospitalized
Jessica (Raul’s daughter) admits it didn’t happen
Adult protective Service investigation starts up again
Clara transferred to Nursing Home in Miami
Clara not allowed to leave Miami-Dade Co. by Adult Protective Services
Clara acquires infection at nursing home and almost dies
Clara back in the hospital – South Miami Hospital
Adult Protective Services releases hold on Clara
South Miami Hospital calls Al, says she is being released
Al picks Clara up and puts her in nursing home for rehab in Royal Palm Beach
Clara begins rehab in WPB center – too may dementia patients
Al transfers Clara to better nursing home.
Clara requires hospitalization for UTI
Al finally able to get Clara into Chatsworth – best facility in PBC
After excellent rehab program Clara goes home to Al’s
Full time caregiver. Mother gains weight, eats well, and is happy.
Clara steadily makes progress, gain weight
Clara receives physical therapy at home
Visiting nurses keep track of Clara’s health & comment that she’s happy
Just Checking hired for consultation
Raul piggybacks petition of emergency temporary guardian for Clara with his answer for civil suit for forgery
Manuel Pena (Clara’s nephew) petitions for temporary emergency guardian, rubberstamping Raul's accusations of abduction
Hearing takes place in Monroe County for emergency temporary guardian
Judge rules that Monroe County was the wrong jurisdiction
Case moved to Palm Beach County
Al hires West Palm Bch attorney Donna Levin to petition for custody of Clara
Manuel Pena petitions Palm Beach County of temporary emergency guardian, then and amended petition with more lies
Judge blindly signs Pena’s  petition without a hearing.
Pena has a hearing in secrete, without notification of hearing pleading for permission to remove Clara from Palm Beach County
Judge Vanhof’s rules ex-parté without hearing mother’s side, giving Pena permission to remove Clara from PBC
Clara is not notified as required by law
Al is not notified as required by law
Pena arrive to remove Clara
Mother calls Al and asks “who is doing this to me?”
Without notice or warning, Dr. Pena in an early morning raid, grabs Clara takes her  back to Key West
Peńa takes Clara to Key West – against her verbal and written wishes
Clara is traumatized
Lawsuit against Raul to return stolen funds to mother goes away
Angela petitions for Guardian and is granted (because she claim to be a  “neutral” party – custody)
Raul is upset that a hearing is vacated for lack of proper notification
Raul claims “a dark cloud came over them”
Raul claims Clara jumps out of a vehicle
Clara is airlifted to Jackson Memorial
Three days later, Angela notifies Al (only call she has ever made to Al)

Al Fernandez