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It has been made very clear in the letters and eMails, and of course the sales contract on the Key West house, it was going to be sold.  The plans for the construction of a new home in Bay Lake was in the preliminary stage.  The house plans were done and permits applied for.  This is because Raul lost the bulk of his father’s retirement fund in risky investments.  It is my understanding, he lost it doing day trading on the internet.  The sale of the Key West house would have allow for the $1,000,000 plus equity from the sale of that house to be used for a better lifestyle for Dr. Fernandez and his wife.


After Clara left Key West, initially for a visit with Al, the hurricanes of 2004 came and forced Al and Clara to higher ground.  They came to Winter Haven and into my home.  This allowed Clara time to reflect on her life with Raul, and she decided that she had had enough of the life she had under Raul’s control and came to see him in the light of day from a distance and realized that her life did not have to be that way.  With Al, she had options.  She opted for a different way of life.  A life that did not have her under Raul’s rule.  Now that she decided not to return to Raul’s rule, empowered her to gain more control of her life.


This infuriated Raul.  Since he had Clara take the Key West house out of her Trust and deed half of to him in 2003, the only thing left was for him to have Clara take the Lot in Bay Lake out of her Trust and deed that to him as well, otherwise the new house would be back in Clara’s trust and not in his name. 


The main problem for Raul is that he had Clara change her will in 2003, taking him out of any of inheritance of the trust and divide it four ways.  On quarter each, to his wife, his son, his daughter and Al.  So initially unless Clara signed over the Bay Lake lot to Raul, the deal was off.


As a little more time passed, Raul is now refusing to sale the Key West house.  In Clara’s first letter to Raul, she tells him to sale the Key West house and allow her to recoup half the equity in the home.  She now offers him the Bay Lake Lot, free and clear, and then he could use his portion of the sale of the Key West house to build his house in Bay Lake as he wanted.  Raul baulks at that.  His take on this was expressed in this eMail dated Monday, October 11th of 2004..


Raul Says:  Monday, October 11th 2004

 “And the sale of Key West is off, we going to keep the hse forever, now  Since my name is on the deed along with abuela, whoever lives the  longest gets the house, un less Al can forge a signature or whole  bunch of sigs Cause u have to have 2 witnesses.”


After that, many things happen and will be addressed in detail.  But in short, next Raul instigates a divorce lawsuit between Clara and her husband, stating that Clara is well able to earn a living and support her husband because he no longer has funds to support himself in the manner that he was accustom to, and as well requests exclusive use of the Key West house until the house is sold and Clara continues paying the bills.   Raul makes his wishes very clear.


While in Key West, for a hearing in reference to the divorce, Clara slips and falls while getting out of a bathtub.  The E.R. determined that Clara had hemorrhaging in her brain and needed acute care.  She was airlifted to Baptist Hospital in Miami.


Raul made contact with Clara while at the E.R. in Key West, and once in Miami.  When Clara was released from Miami, she was released to Al, as he was here health care surrogate, had her true Power of Attorney and a signed declaration that she wanted to be with Al.  Raul made no attempts to contact Clara after that point until he applied for emergence temporary guardian, stating that she had been abducted, was being drugged and being held against her will.  These statements were in a sworn statement made under perjury.  Perjury is a crime in all States in this country.   This petition was piggybacked with a response to a civil action taken against him for the forgeries committed against Clara.


To be continued.......